Autumn 2016

Autumn is here. It has cooled somewhat but is still very nice. Some mornings Sadi and I sit outside in the sun which makes us warmer. She likes to walk in the neighborhood. She knows which houses have dogs. They have barking contests. One house has a Jack Russell named Jack, of course. She is selective about which vehicles she finds bankable. For instance, pickup trucks pulling a trailer, yes. School buses,no. Cement trucks. yes. Huge tanker milk trucks, no. All motorcycles, YES.

It is interesting to watch the tress shed their leaves. I do not know which tree is which. However, the red leafed ones fell first with the bright yellow ones holding on to the very last. Some of the smaller bushes are holding on, as well.They are bright red — really spectacularly red.

I am hoping that the snow holds off for several weeks as I plan to travel southward shortly after Thanksgiving. My schedule calls for a heart doctor’s appointment that week. Also, family will be having a get together with lots of food on Thursday.

All for now. Grand Maverick

Van update

My van (home of wheels) has been in the shop since July 5th. I just got it back. Now I can travel again.

Two overhead fans have been installed. They will close by themselves if it starts to rain. I can lay in bed and without getting up open and close them. They are a bit expensive but I deserve them.

The bathroom (small as it is} is almost finished. The kitchen sink looks great. All of the water works – sink and stool- are in and working.

Work that remains to be done are these–
1- Fix the battery. It does not perform correctly. It even blows fuses…NOT GOOD.
2- Install solar panels on the outside of the vehicle. These should help keep the battery charged as I travel along.
3- Design and construct moveable rods for bathroom curtains. They will swing from the bathroom wall across the hallway causing the bathroom to double in size. It will go from 24 inches across /39 inches long to 48 inches across/39 long. Even with the extra inches one should not expect to sneeze while sitting in the bathroom. Like my father-in-law used to say, “You can not cuss a cat in here with out getting a mouth full of fur.”

I am sure as I am putting things back in order I will think of more and more items that need to be taken care of. It should keep me busy for some days and hopefully out of trouble.

More later Grand Maverick


I have a new cell phone. Like all new things it takes some getting used to. One of my friends was listing all of the states (in the USA) they had been to. I could not figure out how to reply to their list. So I will make one of my own and include all my world travels.

First, foreign countries – China, Japan, Korea (airport only), Hong Kong, (before it was returned to China), Mexico, Honduras and Canada. This makes a total of seven. At this point in time I have not plans to adventure abroad.

Second, USA states – Missouri (born there), Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, Delaware, (Washington D.C.), Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Nebraska, Louisiana, Michigan. Oklahoma, and Wisconsin (where I am now living – until winter).

Each place has its own flavor and color.

More later Grand Maverick on this the second day of summer. 2016


Rain, rain, and more rain. They are predicting 5 days of rain. That is both day and night – 24 hours x 5. The total rain fall is to be about 7 inches However, I have not checked this morning yet I am glad that it is not 40 days and nights.

I found a dogwood tree in bloom this morning on the drive into town. The ministers of Searcy were at their monthly meeting in town which got me out and on the road. I took Sadi Ann with me. She enjoyed the small sandwich I brought her. It was left over from the breakfast at the meeting.

I am still working on Janet’s ancestry. I have gotten to 18th grands back; They are in the 1500s. She is surprised. Some of the lines are still open so I will take the task with me when I migrate north soon.

More later. Grand Maverick (who is still marching to her own drummer).

More flowers

On our way home from church today we saw more flowers trying to bloom. The most spectacular were the early magnolia trees Bradford pears are still to be seen. Forsythia is just arriving in mid-Arkansas.

This week the weather forecasters are saying that we are to have rain almost every day some of which will be 5 inches. It is not to produce any snow as the temp is to be too high for such.

Tonight is the last time for Downton Abbey. I am sure that we will be watching the last episode. Each of us will have at least three dogs on our laps watching intently as well. (Some times they nap a bit.) We will probably have a dish of ice cream sometime during the evening. Or maybe it will be popcorn Or since it is the last episode we could have both. Who knows until it happens.

More later Grand Maverick

March of the Flowers continues

Moving from place to place is interesting. Just as Sadi Ann and I crossed into Texas things changed. It is no wonder they think of themselves as a different country. The Rosebud trees were blooming. The Bradford pears were trying to bloom. However, I did not see any Dogwoods in bloom.

There were a multitude of very, very small flowers mixed in with the ground cover. I do not have any idea what they were. Some were white, some blue and some almost red. Very pretty. There is a Rest Stop in Texas just over the AR/TX state line. It is more like a very large park. Sadi Ann loved it. She wanted to stay and keep sniffing and sniffing. But we had to continue on.

We arrived in Wolfe City in good order.

More later Grand Maverick

On The Move Again

The gas tank is full. The tires’ pressures have been checked. The clothes have been moved to the van. In the morning I will check the emails & pack the computer and throw the last few things in the van.
Sadi Ann and I hope to leave the house around 7:00 a/m heading for Texas. The weather should be fine for travel. I will let you know more later.

Grand Maverick