Busy day

Today was busy one. I left the house just before seven o’clock for the church. The Searcy Ministerial Alliance was meeting at 8:00. I expected about 10 as usual. About 30 showed up. I think it was the concern about the items that were to be discussed and not the beauty of the hostess. We had a productive discussion.

This evening was out usual fellowship (read meal) and study. I bought two pies and a cake as our participation. The college students have returned which made the discussion lively. You never know where it will turn.

Needless to say I took a nap in the middle of the day. It helped.

All for this time. Hopefully more tomorrow.Grand Maverick

Doors and mirrors

Yesterday I had the auto shop that handles windshields,mirrors etc. cut mirrors for the doors in the living room/bedroom. There are eight overhead doors/bins. My idea is that the mirrors will look like little windows and make the room look larger. Luella who is a great painter will put a small painting on each. The paintings will be of flowers, trees, birds etc. This will draw the eye as if looking out a window. The light should bounce around the room some as well. I am excited to see what she comes up with. For sure, there is no other vehicle like this one.

Also, very rarely do I find someone who thinks like I do. When I find him/her it makes for the most interesting conversations.

All for now. Grand Maverick

More Prep

I removed two storage boxes from under the couch/bed on the driver’s side. This will give us room for travel items storage. I measured the very nice bedspreads that my DNL (daughter-in-law) gave me. They were made to fit queen size beds and mine are more like cot size (28″). I cut off the extra. Today I started to put on an edging to cover the open side. Tomorrow I will take my needle work with me while I wait for the shop to cut the glass for the doors of the overhead bins. My friend Luella is an excellent artist. She will put outdoor pictures on the glass. This should make us think that said pictures are really windows with excellent views. Also, the light of the room should bounce around. The overhead/roof fans help light up the room also.

To bed now as it is getting late and Sadi is already curled up under the blankets.

More later. Grand Maverick

Travel Plans

I got a Christmas card from my college roommate today. She was a music major in college. She moved to McArthur, CA and has lived there ever since. Perhaps since we will be out and about we can stop by her place. Also Janet has a friend in Wichita, KS. Perhaps we can include her on our list. The van is in very good shape with only 25,757 miles on it. I just had its scheduled checkup done. So it is ready to go. Janet has been approved for a TWO month vacation from work. She deserves it.

Things to be done before take off.

1-Install the bathroom mirror.
2-Construct and install the bathroom vanity.
3-Install the side window framing.
4-I will take the van over this week so the mirror man can cut the glass into 8 pieces which will be made to look like windows. Luella will paints small outdoor pictures on each one. They should make the living room/bed room look a lot bigger besides being beautiful.
5-Rearrange the present cargo. Store some in the house. Make room for Janet’s stuff. Buy some supplies for the trip.
6-Sleep over once in the van to see how it settles in and be sure we have not forgotten anything.

All for now. Grand Maverick

Little things

Little things count as well as the biggest.
When you are in a hurry and the tooth paste is not where it should be and you have to search for it. This makes you run five minutes late which is not good. When I lived in Houston, TX there was a ten minute gap in the traffic on inbound freeway traffic. If you missed the gap you would be late for work.

If you miss kissing your spouse as he/she leaves for work and an auto accident happens. He/she dies. Simple little things matter a lot

What we got done today were little things: hanging to top towel for the bath room, installing the smoke alarm and the other alarm.

Next on the list in installing the framing around the window in the entrance door and putting the foot plate at the bottom of the closet.

All small but necessary things.

All for now. See you later. Grand Maverick

Prep for a long trip

A friend and I are planning a long trip from Arkansas to Arizona. It is to begin in early February. We have time to discuss which roads to travel, what sites to visit, how long to stay and where, etc etc.

Yesterday I took the van in for a 25,750 check up. They discovered several “recalls” to fix and several updates to the computers. It got the usual oil change with a new filter and the tires rotated. Since I have bought a Service Program I only had to pay for the rotation. I am glad that Sadi stayed home as it took 5 hours. Now, the vehicle part is ready to go..

I will have to do some house cleaning. I will remove items that I want to keep but will not be needed on a trip.. such as quilting, old tax records, sewer pipes since the water works are not fully installed. A friend came by this afternoon. She will install mirrors on the doors above the beds. She is an artist and will paint small seines on them. It should make the small room seem much bigger.

I will make it my business to keep you informed especially when we hit the road. All for now.. Grand Maverick

Autumn 2016

Autumn is here. It has cooled somewhat but is still very nice. Some mornings Sadi and I sit outside in the sun which makes us warmer. She likes to walk in the neighborhood. She knows which houses have dogs. They have barking contests. One house has a Jack Russell named Jack, of course. She is selective about which vehicles she finds bankable. For instance, pickup trucks pulling a trailer, yes. School buses,no. Cement trucks. yes. Huge tanker milk trucks, no. All motorcycles, YES.

It is interesting to watch the tress shed their leaves. I do not know which tree is which. However, the red leafed ones fell first with the bright yellow ones holding on to the very last. Some of the smaller bushes are holding on, as well.They are bright red — really spectacularly red.

I am hoping that the snow holds off for several weeks as I plan to travel southward shortly after Thanksgiving. My schedule calls for a heart doctor’s appointment that week. Also, family will be having a get together with lots of food on Thursday.

All for now. Grand Maverick