First trip of the year.

The weather is much better for traveling. Some flowers are already in bloom which makes a trip colorful. My first venture out is scheduled for this weekend with the destination being Upper Middle AL only 12 miles south of TN. Two grand-daughters and their mother live in the area.

The plan is to leave out of here early Friday morning as my house-mate leaves for her work. I should arrive there mid afternoon. With the beds all made up it will be easy to take a nap (or two) as needed on the way.

I will let you know if I see any dogwood trees in bloom. They are usually awesome. More later. Grand Maverick


Frost is forecast for tonight. At least it isn’t snow. Today, Janet and I installed the two shelves over the sink area. The shelves on the lower lever next to the cooking area and fridge are the only ones left to do.

The next item on the agenda is to store the toilet, sink and microwave in the bath area. With this accomplished I will be road worthy again.

Grand Maverick

Spring is near

Spring will be here in a day or so.
One way I know this is that a friend of mine received her dozen baby chickens in the mail today. They are cute yellow little yappy things. The nine doggies are going mad. They have never seen anything like them. Nor have they heard the noise. Now our job is to keep the two apart. The chicks are in a small raised covered cage which should be dog proof.The cage has a light,water and food so the chicks are happy.

Another way I know that spring is near is that the daffodils and crocuses are blooming all over the yard. The lawn does not need to be mowed just yet. We will wait until the flowers have finished their business.

The third way is that it has not snowed in a week. I know that Massachusetts does not think so. However, the weather casters are not quiet ready to say “No more snow here this year”. The rest of us are ready.

The fourth way I know that spring is near. I am getting “itchy feet”.. That is I am ready to start traveling again. However, not so fast. There is bit of work still to be done on the sink area of the “home on wheels” (van). I hope to have help to work on it early next week. This will finish this area. The next area to have our attention is the cook and storage areas. After that is the water works.

More later. Grand Maverick

I’m ready for spring

The reason I came south in the winter is to get away from snow. This was not the year to attempt such a journey. I am sure that the north country had much much more snow than we are in Arkansas. But for me here in the south we had more than I really cared for. Even the TV weather persons will not promise that we will not no more snow.

This week we have had rain almost every day. I am having to be creative trying to find something to do that will further my cause. Work days toward finishing the interior of the van have been few and far between. SNOW. And what days are available have to be on a week-end that my helpers are available. Andnow it is rain about three days a week.

At least we have the sink area redesigned. So far we have the support structure partly installed. There are to be two shelves over the sink. The lower one is to hold the small electric oven; the upper one storage. Below the sink is the fresh water tank stood on end. In front of this on the floor is a small water pump. Above the pump are three drawers. Because the area is not as one would expect. That is, it is not square or rectangular. One side is shorter than the other. The available space is irregular because we had to allow for the removal (if ever necessary) of the fridge which is on the other wall. One must rise to the occasion and redesign what ever is necessary. I am in the process of designing some drawers from sewing materials. It should not only be unique but really pretty. You will have to invite me over so you can see it in person.

More Later Grand Maverick

Last Snow?

The forecasters are saying that this is possibly the last big snow of the year. We shall see.

We were living on a dairy farm in Cass county, MO which has the Kansas state line on the west and the Jackson CO.,MO line on the north. (Kansas City, MO is in Jackson Co.) In those days we were allowed to go barefooted on April One when the ground had warmed enough. By May first the garden had been planted. Potatoes went in on March 15. I was in either the second grade or the third grade.

I remember the late, late snow of either 1938-1939. There was a long lane from the house to the paved road The lane was about one and a half-foot lower that the fields that were beside it. Over night of May first or second it snowed so much that the lane was level with the fields.

We almost never had “snow days” but for this we had one.

More later. Grand Maverick

Enough is enough

Winter is still here. Arkansas has had more than usual of ice and especially snow. The forecast is more to come. We are all saying “Enough is enough”. It has certainly slowed down my van build. Perhaps in a week or two we can get the kitchen sink back into place and the bathroom walls started. This will be enough for me to place some boxes in the bathroom (now a storage room) and hit the road.

I want to go farther southwest to thru Sulphur Springs, TX and on to Wolfe City, TX. My nephew is well experienced with saws and such. I am sure he will want to do something on the van. (I am hoping)

More later. Grand Maverick

Strange snow

The weather person was reporting that it was snowing in White county but it wasn’t. We could not see any snow. It was falling all right from the higher atmosphere. However, the lower levels were so dry that none reached the ground. We are sure lucky here. I am recovering the time by working on my genealogy and helping several friends start on theirs. Their eyes pop open wide when they see the family members that we uncover. We may have found a fort in VA named after one family.

The first of March tomorrow. Spring in one day closer which gives us hope.

More later: Grand Maverick

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter is due to arrive (AGAIN) in about three hours… cold rain, sleet, snow and most of all COLD. The work plans for tomorrow will be trashed. The workman will be available next Saturday (hopefully}.

The work project that is scheduled is the kitchen sink area. It will be a very nice area when it is done.

More later. Grand Maverick

Quick outing – Feb 19, 2015

The ice had melted on most of our secondary road. You know, the one with the BIG hill. I gathered up my courage and drove into town. I went directly to the United Methodist church on Main street. It is one of the larger congregations here. They have been hosting/sheltering the homeless-heatless folks during this very cold spell. About a dozen men, women and families have taken advantage of this warm place with its food and cots.

Some had left for the day today but several were still trying to stay warm. DVDs were our entertainment. I helped one lady learn a little more about crocheting. I had taken my scarf-in-progress with me.

I came home again about 5pm. I would have stayed longer but I did not want to come up the BIG hill after dark. There were still ice patches here and there on it.

Today it is sleeting. The temp is 27 above. Tomorrow it is predicted to be 60 degrees. I will believe it when I see it.

More later.. Grand Maverick