I am sorry to tell you ..but.. I only speak American English. I can say several words in Spanish and read some of the name of the cities in China. That is it. That makes life certainly interesting when you are trying to communicate across languages. Body language helps but only so much. Which beings me to this: If you want to reply to any of my blogs, please use American English. Sometimes I have used Google translator…

More later. Grand Maverick

Winter Again

Winter Again or perhaps one could say “Near Winter Again”.At any rate the work on the van is halted again for a while. I am getting weary of waiting and will be very glad to have all my stuff in order :) :) . In the mean time I am crocheting some scarfs. I do some housework etc to help my host. I know that guests cause extra work etc. So sometimes I put something together and call it a meal. So far these dishes have been a hit even though there can be no reproduction of any one of them. Soups ans stews and a hit in this sort of weather.

More Later. Grand Maverick.

February Thaw

When I was a kid a taste of spring would arrive early in February. We called it the “February Thaw”This year it is happening in mid January. It is wonderful. We are taking advantage of the warm weather to get some outside work done (like taking down the Christmas decorations). Today I am hoping to do some work on the rear doors of the van. The inside 1/4″ ply panel is too wide and is interfering with the proper closing of the doors. At least I am hoping that is the problem that is causing a gap at the bottom of the doors. With me luck.

More later Grand Maverick

Shut-in doing paper work

The weather is so unpredictable that it is nearly impossible to plan an outing ahead. A search of the property yielded the importance of doing some office/paper work ahead of time. Grand Maverick LLC needs to keep ahead of the taxed/licence offices of the State of Alabama. This should be finished by this afternoon. Then there is a note due the City of Athens regarding their business licence. Evidently they miss placed the renewal I did in Oct. Too far ahead to record, perhaps.

So, it working at the computer for most of today. Warmer they say by the week-end for just a short while.

More later. Grand Maverick

Happy Birthday

Last night my son took me to a college basketball game in Madison. I have already forgotten who UW played. Anyway, it was an interesting game. The score was going back and forth during the first half. But during the second half UW steadily pulled away by a good margin.

I sure got my exercise walking from the car in the parking lot to our seats in the stadium. This included some stairs. This is a good thing. Perhaps tomorrow I will encourage myself to get more exercise. It certainly cuts the pain of arthritis.

Dear daughter-n-law is cooking a pot roast for me for the evening meal. Also, cherry jubilee. Very good.

More later. Grand Maverick 29-12-31

North by North

For someone who does not tolerate cold very well, why would they come north during the cold months? Answer: the grandkids and great grand live here. They even invited me to come farther north to The Dells. I expected to see small lakes, ponds and such. Not so!!

The Dells are a man-made tourist place. They claim to be the Worlds Biggest, Largest Water Park. The hotels are all over the place. We estimated that all together there were about 3,000 rooms. These rooms all seem to be connected by their hallways so that in the cold weather you can go to any inside water park (which are many) without going outside in the rain, snow or cold. I am sure that on one occasion I walked about two miles because I wanted to buy a kitchen magnet survivor. Everyone else went swimming every chance they got even the two-year old. But this 83-year-old did not. I just watched. I stayed warm and dry but had fun watching them.

More later. Grand Maverick

Today’s Cook

The third grandson is cooking today. The object of his art is “Deep Dish Chicago Pizza”. I was given the privilege of cutting up the mushrooms, onions, a red pepper and a green pepper. He put Balsamic Vinegar in it because we did not have any red vine vinegar. Instead of meat he is putting some ricotta cheese. It is now in the oven. We shall see.

Last evening the youngest grandchild (son) baked some German Cookies. It was not for a cooking class but rather for his German class. He could have just given a lecture on the subject but gets a better grade (or so he said) if he really made the cookies. I am waiting for a report on the project this evening.

More later. Grand Maverick

p.s. It was delicious.

Weather, whether or not

Plan a trip even if it is just across the street.

Check the weather. Lately, winter storms (with names) have been covering my chosen path to the north. However there seems to be several breakes which last for several days. between checking the computer, listening to the weather channel on TV, checking local conditions both at the start of the trip and the ending destination has been a challenge.

Notify your credit cards. They may block your account if they think your card has been stolen if it is used at an unusal location. it is embarrising when this happens. So check with your card.

List with friends/family. Let some folks you trust know when and where you will be just in case they have to come get you. Of course, AAA is a must (or some similar company).

Today, the plan calls for a start early tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. Be on the watch of a long and tall white cargo van with “The cocoon by Grand Maverick” in blue on its hips. Check in and let me know what you think.

More later from Grand Maverick on the move.

Research Help

Decisions, decisions, decisions. What to do next? I am thinking it should be to install LED lights. I want small, flat ones to install on the under side of the shelves over the bed. They would be excellent to aluminate a reading area while relaxing in bed/couch. Also, in the same area put a
hot spot” so I can charge my cell phone over night and perhaps a heater or a fan. I have yet to find small flat LED lights. If you know of any let me know, please.

More later. Grand Maverick

Parade of Lights

Janet and I went to the Parade of Lights which is a local annual event in these parts. The requirements of 1) the entry must be mobile, 2) must have lights on it and 3) must have music (even if it is just the car radio).

We saw:
1) foot traffic
A: several persons with lighted hats,
B: four school bands with strings of lights around their instruments. They played Christmas music.
C: seven or so horses with lights around their necks

2: two wheel vehicles.
A: two bicycles with bells and lights
B: about six motorcycles with both single & double riders white lights.

3. four & six wheeled vehicles
A: cars – new, in-between and antique with colored lights. One was built on a lawn mower.
B: cab of 18 wheeler with colored lights and a loud horn
C: Police cars with blue lights on high beam and sirens full blast. City cops, Sheriff and State Patrol.
D: animal Shelter float with many dog pictures and “Who Let the Dogs Out”.

4. more wheeled
A.: cement mixer truck with music and colored lights
B: pick-up pulling a trailer filled with kids and some adults. Each had about 18 strings of lights. They had a theme based on the manger scene.
C: Many business with multiple lights with signs about their businesses.
D: several semis with music and lights on the front.
E: extra tall and long trucks from Snap-On Tool. There were five of them with lights inside and out. They were at least 8 foot or more tall and extra long.
F: Two fire trucks with red regular lights blinking and sirens blaring. Also, some white Christmas lights.

and last, but certainly not least, Santa aboard the ladder truck from the fire department. Christmas lights ran up the ladder with Santa slightly lighted at the top.

The whole parade took about one hour to pass the excellent viewing advantage place we had planted ourselves at about one hour before the parade began.
Someone estimated that there were about 3,000 just around the county court-house square not counting the four block area at the beginning point (Spring Park) and up Race Street 10 or so blocks after ending at the BerryHill Park.

More later: Grand MAverick