Build – Day 6

Several things have happened.
First: I ordered a “portable Induction Cooktop Burner” from Good Sam. It arrived quickly to my surprise. Usually, on-line orders, orders from catalogues etc take at least a week if not longer. I plugged it in and cooked breakfast. It did a great job. Breakfast was ready before I finished dressing.

Second: The installation of the insulation is progressing. 1- The insulation is on the floor with the wood on top of it. 2- Tomorrow my helpers will install the vinyl on top. To protect the vinyl from wear and tear we will lay the cardboard pattern as a temporary protection. The insulation is on most of the walls. The very top of the wall area that has “windows” in it is being left open so the wiring can be run in the tunnel. The pieces are cut for the ceiling waiting now for the next warm day. The weather person says we are in for another cold spell (very cold spell).

Third: I bought some very thin panelling for the walls and ceiling. So with the cold weather we can still work away.

Also, I have plans to be out and about on some other business for about two days. Hopefully, it is the coldest so we can be available for “homework” on the warm days.

More lager. Grand Maverick

Chicken Little & the Doggies

These last few days I have been thinking about a trip I made some years ago, say about 10 years. I was traveling north on I-55 about half way between Memphis and Sikeston. I was driving a GMC Savana which my two little dachshunds loved. They would lay on the bed in the back with their noses next to the sliding windows enjoying every smell that came by. This early summer mid-afternoon, however, they were asleep on the passenger’s seat. Sound asleep.

I usually have the speed control on about 69 mph which i did. I was coming upon an 18-wheeler which was doing what it should have been doing at 65 mph. So I pulled out to slowly pass it. I was about two cars length behind the big truck when a pickup came up on my right side. I did not slow down an inch. I felt that he was going to pass me, going in between the 18 wheeler and myself. By this time I am thinking that is not enough room for the pickup to go through as I was a car’s length behind. He went anyway.Very rarely do I use my horn. BUT, this time I let him have it. HORK HONK HONK.

Up can the dogs. They almost hit the ceiling. BARK!! BARK!! BARK!!. “Mom, did you hear that noise? The sky is falling. BARK1! BARK!!”

It took some time before these little protectors settled down again.

Build -Day 5

Today it was cold AGAIN. However, it gave us a change to get out and about to check out some facts. Jeremy went with me to some RV shops who do work on RVs – they create them and repair them.
I found that the wiring and tubing that I have already purchases will do fine. This is great news. Tomorrow afternoon after my Tai Chi class, while it is still cold, I can work on stuffing the wire down the tube. Also, I can cut some of the double bubbly wrap in preparation for its application when the week-end gets warmer AGAIN.
More later. Grand Maverick

Build – Day 4

You will notice that the build days are not the same as the days of the week. One reason is because it is still TOO cold. To put on the insulation I need a temp of 65F or above. Second, some days I am too busy with other things. By the way,, I did get my taxes filled. HURRAY. And I am leading the worship service at my church. I have all this info finished. Second HURRAY. With all of that I got the first sheet of styrofoam cut and the material laid out to make the template for the next piece of flooring. Third HURRAY.

I have even been playing “engineer” and drawing the plans for the bed and closet so the workman will have the idea and measurements for them. We shall see how this works.
More later. Grand Maverick

Build – Day 3

Today the temp got up to 72. I glued some of the double bubble wrap insulation to the wall and have some more cut ready to glue. Terry (one of my helpers) cut and screwed the partical board to the floor – clear through to the metal. That makes two sheets down and one and one-third to go. Terry is making me some “Ts” so I can hold the styrofoam insulation to the ceiling. I think there are six pieces of that.

Tomorrow the forecast is for rain and cooler. Most likely I will catch up on other work such as tax preparation. More later, Grand Maverick

Build -Day 2

I found a friend who knows about RV builds. He worked as a professional in the business. It is a God find.
Today: We got two pieces of partical boards cut and the screw holes marked for the floor. The saw was not charged up so we did not get the third one cut.
Secondly, we got the double bubble wrap cut for the floor. THe size is 48″ x 74″. It takes 3 strips plus a strip about 14″ wide. We will cover the entire floor with vinyl.
Thirdly, we got some of the “rafter”s wrapped with double bubble wrap. We will put styrofoam on the flat areas with the whole ceiling covered with paneling.

Not bad for about 2 1/2 hours work. We waited until in the heat of the afternoon and had to quit when it got too cool and the glue would not stick properly.

I took a little video picture which I plan on uploading tomorrow late.

More later, Grand Maverick

The Build Begins

Today, March 8th, the temp finally got above 65 degrees. The sun was shining brightly which made it feel even warmer. Jeremy, my co-worker, and I started on the build of the RV in my Promaster.

We made a cardboard template for the wood for the floor. I am using partical board, the new kind. It fits very well. I am using double bubble wrap for the insulation on the floor, walls and most of the ceiling. We got the first 48x 74 piece laid on the floor.
Jeremy and I will work of the ceiling tomorrow afternoon. I am using double bubble wrap on the “rafters’ with styrofoam on the flat parts. We will leave a “grove” into which we can place the electrical wires and other stuff.

As soon as I learn how to use the video camera you shall have pictures.

More later. Grand Maverick

Buying little things

While I am witing for the big work to begin I am buying small things as I think of them.
Yesterday I bought a bathroom curtain rod. It will fit nicely (not in the bathroom) but behind the front driver’s & passenger’s seats. The curtain that I will hang from it will separate the driving cabin from the living area. However, if things work as I think, the cabin may become a sleeping area for a third person providing that the person is rather small.
Several weeks ago I found some of that small water hose that shrivels up into a small package. I bought the green color. I am thinking of storing such items in a plastic box nearest the back door under the bed. That should make it easy to get to in time of need.
Also, several weeks ago while I was at Lowe’s thay had a tool kit on sale. I saved $20 for a medium size kit in a case. It fits well under the driver’s set. I secured it with a bungee cord so it would not slide under the driver’s feet. There is still some room on top of it for smaller items if I can find such a box to store things in.
I have secured some cardboard boxes with rope to the place where the kitchen cabinets will be just to try them on for size. Sometime what you think will work well just does not fit. In this case it looks good so far.
I have the cement/glue ready as well as the insulation double bubble wrap. The weather is improving some so it will not be long now.
More later. Grand Maverick

Snow flakes

It seems we have sunken to the place that all the snow we get is just a few flakes and you have to watch close to see those. There is not even enough for a good dusting on the driveway. I know that a few folks further north would be glad to be in our position. Anyway, enough is enough.

I am ready to go looking for daffodils poking the little heads up out of the ground and for the little buds coming on the end of tree limbs, and bushes spreading their greenery. I am very hopeful.

I would even practice going without my fingertip gloves if my fingers were not super cold.

More Later… Grand Maverick

6 weeks or a month and a half

That is the question. Take your choice. This winter, it seems to me, has lasted a very long time. I am ready to get busy with outfitting my cargo van. But the weather is not hospitable quite yet.
So I am doing indoor things such as my taxes. I have all the info now so I can work in this area.
I was gifted with a box full of knitting thread. The suggestion was that I make some pot holders that the Senior Center can sell. That should fill up a few days.
I need to continue working on my family history/picture books. I will either put them in storage or pass them on to a grandson.

I don’t think all of this will fill 6 weeks but at least it is a start. A friend told me the other day that her daffodils are trying to come up.. Yikes.

More later, Grand Maverick