Quick outing – Feb 19, 2015


The ice had melted on most of our secondary road. You know, the one with the BIG hill. I gathered up my courage and drove into town. I went directly to the United Methodist church on Main street. It is one of the larger congregations here. They have been hosting/sheltering the homeless-heatless folks during this very cold spell. About a dozen men, women and families have taken advantage of this warm place with its food and cots.

Some had left for the day today but several were still trying to stay warm. DVDs were our entertainment. I helped one lady learn a little more about crocheting. I had taken my scarf-in-progress with me.

I came home again about 5pm. I would have stayed longer but I did not want to come up the BIG hill after dark. There were still ice patches here and there on it.

Today it is sleeting. The temp is 27 above. Tomorrow it is predicted to be 60 degrees. I will believe it when I see it.

More later.. Grand Maverick

House cleaning

Most of the winter I stayed with a friend in AR. The van was paeked in her driveway and used for trips to town. When I left for the north country I just put things in paper bags and thru them in where ever I could find a space. What will become a bathroom is now a storage room.
So it was time to clean and straighten things up. I also made a work schedule for the summer.

First is to move the fridge out of the van into temp storage so we can build the lower pantry immediately next to the fridge.

Second is to create the drain hole for the fridge. This should be an interesting activity. My son and I may enlist some of his sons to assist us. They can make the moves under the van with greater ease. Finish installing the fridge. I am putting blocks at the bottom of items so that they will not move from their spaces then the wan is in motion.

Third is to place the microwave on its shelf over the cook area which is over the fridge. I plan on putting a slim stick at the bottom to keep the microwave from sliding off its shelf when the van is in motion.

Fourth is the major activity.. the installation of the water works. The tanks (clean, dirty & black) are already in their spaces. The kitchen sink is in its space. The water pipes need to be installed in their spaces. This includes a shower head. The bath room has no pipes or furniture in it; that is, what is in there is in storage mode not operative mode. This will be the major work item. It will include the bathroom sink, the toilet, hot water heater in the upper right hand corner of the room and pipes from here to there. I plan on mini shelves near the ceiling to hold lots of stuff. The bath measured 25″ x 39″ x 6’2″.

All of this will probably take all summer. I think that is what summers are for. I will keep you posted.
More later Grand Maverick

Sadi Ann D. Pincher

Sadi Ann is adjusting very well. You see, her life has not been an easy one. What we know of her begins the day about three years ago when she was tossed from a vehicle and came to my friend’s door.

My friend lives on a country road upon which many people toss animals they no longer want (or can’t keep when they move). More dogs than cats are tossed – except for kittens along with their mothers.

My friend has about eight dogs and eight cats. She has a fenced-in back yard with a doggie door. Perhaps I should say animal door because the cats use it as well. Her chickens have their own house so do not have to use the animal door.

I am sure that Sadi Ann is missing the play yard and her friends even though she would growl fiercely when they laid too close to her when all eight of them were on my friend’s lap. That was a sight to see. My friend enjoys it as well.

Sadi in enjoying traveling in the van. She has her pillow and blanket in the passenger’s seat. She lets me know when she needs a potty break. The beds are slightly less than cot size but she and I enjoy keeping each other warm at night.

Perhaps I should say I am adjusting to Sadi Ann, the Mini Doberman Pincher very well. She has not tried to bite anyone. She just growls a few times.

More Later, Grand Maverick

North Country i.e. known as Trip #3 divided into a & b

I am now in north country for the summer. I know, it is hardly spring let alone summer. However, here I am in Wisconsin. The March of the Flowers here is about 3 weeks behind the March in Arkansaw. So again I am seeing flowering bushes and dandelions. I purposely exited the “freeways”. I found I was spending a lot of my time watching the 18 wheelers. They were driving in a safe manner but there was so many of them it was hard to be aware of any thing else. So to the bi roads I went. I spent perhaps 2 hours extra time on this route having to slow to 25 mph about every 10 miles or so. The houses of yester year were wonderful. Some of the smaller towns ( pop. under 1,000) have put on new siding and roofing making their houses shine. The bright red tulips here are probably of a newer variety but never the less very bountiful.

The farmers were moving their equipment from one acreage to another. These vehicles (if you want to call them that) were extra wide and required my vehicle to move as far to the right as possible. I even stopped until they had passed which I am sure was appreciated by the driver.

I even discovered quite by accident a small church camp. Camp is the operative word as I had already been on the road about 11 hours. I parked my vehicle on a very small access road just outside of the camp. It was not long until the manager checked us out and gave the OK to stay where we were. So Sadie Ann (Doberman Pincher) and I went to bed and slept well. We were about 50 miles sw of Peoria, IL.

On the road again at about 7:30am and driving 6 hours put us in WI.

Sunshine at last

Sunshine is wonderful today. The flowers continue to come marching by. Bulbs, bushed and trees are all announcing their place in the yearly parade. It is marvelous to see.

Tomorrow (God willing) I will be on the road again. I plan to travel in AR, MO, (perhaps IO), IL and finally WI.

More later, Grand Maverick

April 17, 2015

I am again at my winter location. The return from Wolfe City, TX was uneventful. (Thank Goodness). My sister was able to understand who I am for a few seconds which is a good thing.

The March of the Flowers continues. The iris ( we used to call them Flags) are now in full bloom.with old time white and dark blue blooms. TX blue bonnets were plentiful along the highway. There was a flower new to me. It was tall and slender much like a glad. The parallel leaves resembled a holly bush The pink flower at the top of the stem was much like a thistle and far as i could tell going east on I-30 at 70 mph. The short orangeish flower that I should remember the name of. (perhaps Indian Paint Brush) filled the roadside..All the gawking at the flowers made the trip seem much shorter.

Today is the straighten up and clean out the van day. First will be wash out the mud that got brought in during the incident in the ditches. it should not take long.

More later. Grand Maverick

Upps #2

We are having another cloudy, raining day. It is almost like there is too much water in the air and it is just dripping some. Some cloudy days have large thunder with them. This one does not. At least not yet. I have not consulted the computer to find out what might (or might not) be in store for the day.

This weather is not good for travel on dirt roads in east Texas. The road I discovered was slicker than snot, Before it was all over I had made it into the ditches on both sides of the road. First, my nephew tried to pull the van backwards with his truck. That was fine. Things went well until suddenly my van went from the right ditch across the small road into the left ditch. It was pulled a foot or two until the culvert stopped it. Time to call the experts.

The tow company sent out a flat-bed. After examination and consultation with the office a 4 wheel drive truck was sent. It wenches the van forward out a bit. THe wench truck moved itself forward, hooked up again and pulled again. Out my van came. The young driver (not me) backed it up some. I had them turn my van around so I could exit the site on a good gravel road back to the good hiway. I should have turned off the good hiway to gravel road a mile or two farther on. I am making a note in my travel records the number of the correct exit road number. While it was an exciting experience, I do not want to repeat it. Besides my van now carries a dint on its left bumper – suvioner of the event.

More later, Grand Maverick

March of the Flowers #2

Yesterday and today I have seen the flowers coming. While driving the freeway I observed Texas Blue Bonnets and the orange/red flowers whose name does not come quickly to mind) Some iris are still coming. I saw a bush while entering a chicken eatery which I was told was Indian Hawthorne. (Please excuse my spelling. I have no dictionary handy and the computer is not much help. It just tells me what it thinks is wrong but not give me a correction). Wisteria is in the trees along the county roads. The flowers are marching quicker these days I seems only yesterday I saw the first sign of a daffodil.

More later Grand Maverick

The Parade of the Flowers

The parade of the flowers has begun. So far the daffodils have come and gone. jonquils also. Some hycense have joined the crowd.Their purple goes well with the yellow of the daffodils. One of the rose bushes was traffic. The start for it came from North Dakota. Now we are seeing the red tulips and some flags- that is what we used to call them.You probably know them as irises. These are white and purple. The tulips are just coming. These are red. The holly bush/tree with its tiny, tiny flowers sneaked by without us seeing them and now have small berries all ready growing on the branches. What will grow in the garden is yet to be determined this year. The rhubarb in the flower box by the steps is doing very well.It should go well with the strawberries soon to come. We pulled the weeds from their raised garden last week.

I will keep you informed as I am out and about. Grand Maverick.


The build of the kitchen sink area is mostly complete. All that is left is to put in the inserts for the wall area. That should be easy. Just apply glue and place them in their allotted spots.

Today if it does not rain too much, I want to apply the base paint coat to the shelves over the sink and perhaps in the microwave area. The color is mellow yellow. This color will be sufficient for the inside of the shelves. For the outside and the trim I want the brightest yellow available in enamel strength. The area has very little natural light so the brighter the merrier.

After the base coat of paint is finished it will be move in time. I know mostly where I want what. It involves the microwave and the toaster oven. This will free up some shelf storage area. This project is like a stack of dominoes. Knock over the first leads you to the second and so on. I really hope I can have kitchen area mostly finished this week.

More later.. Grand Maverick