Public school started on Sept 2 this year. By Wisconsin law school must not start earlier than the day after Labor Day. Now my main helpers are no longer available. They were great for unloading and loading the plywood. They also stained and varnished the wood which now looks spectacular. This part of the build is complete.

Yesterday we had an abundance of sun rays. This gave me an opportunity to pull out the wood pieces for the bed. We had disassembled the beds for storage. Now it was time to check them out and reassemble them. I am making twin beds to be located at the back of the van/RV. This room will become a living room/dining room/bedroom. Lap seat belts (6) are to be installed so that six friends can also make trips with me Windows have already been installed near the head of the beds. I am sure the doggies will love those.

The foundation layer of the bed is 22″ wide with legs that are screwed to the floor and the back into the wall. The sliding layer fits on top of the foundation and is 24″ wide. Its legs have wheels on them. When it is extended with the six-inch extenders it makes a 30″ bed. This does not make a very large bed. However, it is fine for my doggies and me. I suppose, if one wanted, the bed sides could slide closer together to make a 60″ bed. This would eliminate the 12″ space between the sides which I use for a bathroom trip in the middle of the night. For some this would be a difficult choice.. either a larger bed or a trip space. Oh, well. that’s life.

More later. Grand Maverick

Geese on the wing

Several times this week I have heard geese flying south. With all the trees around the yard it made it hard to see them however, they were loud enough that there was no doubt that it was geese. Then there was a small gap in the trees, and sure enough, there they were, flying in their V shape.

For the build, we have finished the sheets of plywood. The next step in to make some patterns for the cuts. ALso, to re-shape the beds. It may take some time but it will keep the legs from moving.

It sound like the boys are about finished cooking supper, so I must go. More later. Grand Maverick.

Sunny again today

This makes two days in a row that the sun is shinning. However, the forecast is for rain along about 3:00pm. This gives us a few hours to put on poly and to have it dry and the sheets put up before it rains.

The front yard is covered with tables and chairs we are using for platforms for the sheets of plywood. The yard is large with lots of trees all around so that we do not look terrible from the street. We are more than half through with this part of the build. Wheeeee,,,

More later Grand Maverick

Sunny today

It has been raining (or threatening to rain) almost everyday for at least two weeks. Finally, we have had two days in a row that the sun has shown his face.

Joel, Zeke and I have put several coats of either stain or poly on the 1/4″ plywood. It is looking very nice. Today we finished the 4 sheets of Pickeled Oak (white wash). We gave them one coat of Pickeled Oak and two coats of poly. Now all 20 sheets have at least one coat on them. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain again so we probably will not get to work on the wood.

The “spa” has arrived. That is what the maker calls the hand-held shower head. Also, today the faucets have come. And tonight I ordered the 2.8 gallon water heater. It should fit nicely on the shelf behind the stool.

This is going to be a cute “doll house” when I get it finished. More later. Grand Maverick

Starting again one more time

I have been here in Wisconsin for about two months now. During this time my advisors have discussed all the possibilities about every aspect of living in a RV which started out life as a very large cargo van. So now, gone is the ugly paneling, gone is the Double Bubble wrap. Instead, I have 2″ of blown on foam on all the walls, ceiling, and undercarriage {R-12}. Three of my grandsons are busy on sunny days staining the 1/4″ and 3/8″ birch plywood for the walls and ceiling. The bathroom and kitchen will have FPVC waterproof plastic sheets. I estimate that it will take 16 sheets of birch plywood for walls and ceiling. My grandsons think that the wood came from north Wisconsin. We are using natural stain for the walls and “Pickled Oak” (white) for the ceiling. Today we are just short of being half way through this process. The bath and kitchen will have FPVC plastic because it is water proof as well as pretty.

On rainy days I have been shopping for the things that go into a house… shower, lav, sink, toilet, tanks etc, etc. Most of these items should be delivered to my address sometime next week if not before.

My son knows a wonderful carpenter who will put this thing together. I am told that he does wonderful work. I am hoping to get it mostly finished by Monroe & Green County’s “Chees Daze” which is complete with parade.

I am planning on blogging more ofter in order to keep you informed. More later.

First Flight

The doggies and I are now living in Wisconsin. This is a rather large house. It’s driveway can park about 8 to 10 cars. Jacob, Buster and I were just returning for a walk (read run) down the street and were resting at the end of the drive way. I spotted a female robin bird slowly hopping across the drive way. She had food in her mouth and was chirping slowly as she hopped. I expected her to see the dogs and immediately fly away but she did not. She just kept her slow hop. Then she flew up onto the light line. Almost immediately, a colorful male robin bird fly into a low hanging tree limb. He also had food in his mouth and was slowly chirping. Then in the upper branches of the blue tree appeared the smallest little bird. It was only about one and a half inches long. Daddy looked at him and continued chirping. Junior did not move for several moments. Then he slowly straightened himself up and flew. He flew slowly for about a minute and then fast over to Dad.
I know that Dad was chirping, “Come on, Junior, you can do it. You can do it.”

This is the first time I ever saw bird parents encourage a fledging on his/her first flight.

AWESOME. More later from the wonderful weather in WI. Grand Maverick

Tuesday, June3rd, 2014

This morning I fitted the frame for the closet wall. It fit exactly as it should. Amazing. I cut the foam mattress to size for the bed on the passenger’s side. One of the mattresses already has it sheet sleeve on. I am reconstructing a comforter for both beds. This comforter started out life some 10-15 years ago as a King size. I bought it one late June day when I was visiting a cousin who lives about 30 miles south of Kansas City, Mo. I was in the “Green Turtle” aka GMC Savana. The bed had been extended a bit to make it queen size. The life of this comforter is a book unto itself. It was on the queen bed in the house (so I cut if off a bit). Now it will be two comforters in the RV. My dictionary is packed already or I would tell you I am calling it “The Cocoon”.

Tomorrow I want to finish three more frame parts. I will use them as supports as I adjust the ceiling panel that has a gap in it and its partner. Some of the gap will be covered by the over head compartment and some will not. The not needs to be put right. If you hear moaning and groaning from the south it is just me thinking words I am not supposed to know.

More later, Grand Maverick

Building again

I think I am about on track again. I am at home base working almost every morning. I spent about two weeks traveling and some working.

First was a trip to TX (with a stopover in AR) to visit my sister and her family. She is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s so we are praying for her release from her prison.

Second was about a week in AR with a friend and some of her friends. We got out the saws, drills, hammers etc. Starting at the rear we got two strips of paneling up the sides and two on the ceiling. We got two beds roughed in.

I hope I get a pic along about now. You will see the bed with its “night stand” which is really a recess place between two ribs. I ike it already. The bed/couch/dining room is coming along.

Head board for bed

Head board for bed

I installed (all by myself) one ceiling panel. I need to adjust it as the two panels are not meeting as nicely as I want. I am now making the supports for the closet which I will also use to undo the ceiling – hold it up while I move it around a bit so I can get at least two small support boards behind the ceiling panel so that they will join nicely.

Another pic belongs here.

Right side couch/bed with extensions at the side.

Right side couch/bed with extensions at the side.

When I get the closets up I will move my clothes into them and retire the AAA clothes storage boxes. The grand-daughter can use them as they clean out the house.

My main idea is to get the van?RV liveable and moved into. This will clear my stuff out of the house so that the granddaughters can sell it. While there is no time set for this it should be on the front burner.

I will let you know how it goes. More later. Grand Maverick

P.S. This is Buster, begal. He keeps busting out of his harness and running for it.

Build Day 7-8-9-10

It has been several days since I Listed our progress as you know. Life got in the way. We had a death in the family and had to tend to all those details

A good friend came from AR with her daughter and plowed into the work on the van. We now have almost of the insulation in place. We left a few strips off the ceiling because we believe that the wiring folks may want to run some wires in that area.

We have most of the insulation on the walls. We have one bed in place which makes the place begin to look like a home. I am going to look into getting some photos in place. When my computer went down, down, down my second son cleaned it out, really out. I now have Lynx as an operating system. I hope I can find a photo download or something. At least I don’t have to worry about a virus attach.

It is past bedtime. My new little puppy is wanting me to go to bed so he can move close to me. So More later. Grand Maverick

Two months later

Jacob II

Jacob II

I am sorry about the delay. Life got in the way. The delay was caused by unexpected events in the family.

Perhaps now we are back on track (mostly). I am hopeful that finally I can post some pictures of the progress with the build.

Most of the insulation ( double bubble wrap) is in. I have the doors to do yet. Two strips of wall paneling in, one strip of ceiling paneling is in with another cut ready, the two beds are constructed except of the back 6″ strips. I have found that the paneling needs some support between the wall and the panel itself. So I have inserted pieces of 2×2 of 2x4s to strengthen the joints.

More later. Grand Maverick