With exercise machines and dog walking I am improving. i am no longer short of breath. The weather here in Wisconsin is cooperating. It has frozen to outside kitty-cat watering dish only once so far which is great for this far north in late October.

Early in November I am to have more stents put in on the left side this time. I hope my stamina will improve even more. I am sure that Sadi Ann D. Pincher will be very happy. She likes to walk faster that I, especially when she sees s squirrel.

All for now. Lunch time is almost here. More later. Grand Maverick

83,750 mile tune-up

This week as been like non other. With no warning my heart began cramping. I asked my daughter-in-law to look up heart attack on her cell phone (which has all kinds of apps on it). When I described my symptoms she said I was having one and dialed 911.

In two minutes flat two police men arrived. In Two more minutes the ambulance arrived. In no time I was in the ambulance with six people doing this and that. The trip to the clinic took just about three minutes. This city is not very large even if it is a county seat. We are at 16th street. The clinic in on 5th street one block over. I was unload in nothing flat and run (I mean run) into the cardiac operating room where the Doctor was waiting.

Within 30 minutes I was in my room. The bed had an alarm on it. This meant that if I wanted to go to the bath room I had the buzz the nurse. if I tried to exit the bed by myself it should sqwe-e-el on me.

What caused all this commotion, you ask? 100 percent blockage on the right side artery. The Doctor put in a stint which gave me 100 percent passage. On the left side there is a 75 percent block that has yet to be addressed. This should happen in the near future.

I have much more energy now than I have had for some time. I am remember some of the spelling of some familiar words that was bugging me. I am enrolled in Cath Rehab for some weeks. These exercises happen three times a week . I am closely watched with monitors and blood pressure checks.

All this mean that I will not be going south until about New Years.

More later. Grand Maverick

Sept 1, 2015 How time flys

How time flys. Fall is just around the corner. In fact, here in the north country some leaves are already falling. I have seen and heard geese flying south for several weeks. I think they wait until a strong upper wind comes down from Alaska for their journey.

The new desk is in the making. I have the lower drawer already. It sits on rollers on the floor and will serve also as a seat for the cab. It will be so low that I will put several pillows on it. I have already loaded it with office stuff.

I am to expect the next upper drawer in a week or so. It should be large enough to hold all my office files. The carpenter and I are expecting to have enough area left to have an upper drawer of about 3 inches. It should hold all my pencils, pens etc etc. Since it is being constructed by an expert it is looking very nice.

This is the report of the day More later.. Grand Maverick

Too Long Gone

I am so sorry not to talk to you all for so long. First, there was the preparation for the trip to enter the seventh grandchild in college. His mother, (my daughter-in-law) was the main overseer in the process. Clothes (I got to mend some pants), cook ware (He is not having a food plan), passport and various other things.

The first part of the trip took us from Monroe, WI by way of Ontario, Canada thru Niagra Falls on to Ithicia, NY. Joel, the said student, rode with Sadi Ann (Mini Pin) and me. The front passenger’s seat belongs to Sadi Ann so whoever is there has her on his/her lap. She love’s the attention. For this leg of the trip we stayed in hotels.

Second part we stayed in a NY State park. We had one tent which could sleep 10 or so. and my Ram Promaster van. Three males slept in the tent (Dad, brother and Joel). The van made a nice sleeping for Mom, Sadie Ann and I. The two nights here were not only nice with trails, swimming etc, but was close to Ithica and Cornell. This accounts for Thursday and Friday.

Third item was to register Joel and move him into his room. His roommate is also a physics major and plays a musical instrument as well. They should make a good match. Their room is in the music building. This accounts for Friday and some Saturday.

Saturday was a driving day. My companion for the trip back to WI was the eighth grand child. Again Sadi Ann had a soft lap with plenty of attention. We got just over into IN before stopping for the night. Sunday we finished with a unscheduled excursion thru lower Chicago. UGH We were never lost you understand with paper maps and a GPS. The entire trip was just over 1,700 miles.

I am now in recovery. More Later Grand Maverick.

Off and running

Well, not really. I do have two running boards installed. They look like they are original to the vehicle. It sure makes getting in and out much easier (and safer). Sadie Ann even likes them. (sometimes I call her “Little Four Legs”. She sure takes her protection duties seriously.

The fridge has stopped working. We don’t know why. So the next item on the agenda is check out the electric system. We need to know what wires run where anyway.

Another thing to think about is what kind of shelving will go in the bathroom. Wood does not sound like it would stand up in the moisture of the room even with a fan in the ceiling. I am considering some kind of wire; perhaps chicken wire. I guess they still call it by that name. Screen wire would not be stiff enough or strong enough. I am sure that Farm & Fleet persons will have some ideas also.

Summer marches on. Today in August 1 which means that fall is soon to come.

More later. Grand Maverick


Today, at last, we have the fridge installed. It is operating on battery power. It is built to work on gas, DC and AC power. I do not plan to ever put it on gas. We have it on the battery (direct). We still need to put two breakers on the line. Tonight is on DC. In the morning we should have our first ice-cube. Really it is not an ice cube tray but just a small dish. But we are hoping for ice.

The next item for work is the water works. I put some of the pieces together yesterday. We have the general idea already in hand. We shall see if it really works as we have planed.

Also, I have ordered some running boards. It has been work to get on board with the plastic steps I have to throw out the door. They are not very stable either. They should arrive in less than two weeks. It will be wonderful. I ordered some screens for the driver’s and passenger’s windows. I plan toe three ceiling fans. The bathroom will not be ready for its fan for some time, however.

While shopping I found a website of a person doing much the same thing that I am. He starting a club of us who are DIY with the PRORV. At last someone who thinks like (well almost like) I do.

More Later, Grand Maverick

July Is Here!

Would you believe it? July is here again. In Wisconsin the weather is colder than usual. The last few nights the temp has gone down to the lower 50s with the high being in the low 70s. It is nice having a pet dog snuggle at night even if she is a “Mini Pin”. I must say that she also takes her protection role seriously. I can not promise that she will not bite a new person. She makes travelling so much nicer.

We are almost finished with the installation of the fridge. That will be “wonderful. The next object of our attention will be the “water works”. This morning I laid out the items for the kitchen sink.

Work is slow but we are getting there.

More later. Grand Maverick.

Another week gone

Time flys or so they say. All I know is that you turn around and its Friday already.
This past week Phil and I have been working on installing another electric line directly from the battery to the fridge. It has been challenge to put the wire under the paneling. It took three days (evenings) to get it behind the paneling. Now we are in the finishing touches such as switches, breakers and such. It may take us another week or so to finish it off.
I took all the items off the living/bed room shelves so we could get the wiring behind them. When I put the stuff back I rearranged them, changed boxes/bags and even gave away some of the items. Always down sizing. Now it I could get a few pounds off my routound belly it would be wonderful

More later. Grand Maverick.

Tatting class

I have been tatting for over 60 years. I taught myself from a booklet while in college. Once you get the simple technique the rest is fun. Years ago the art was accomplished on very small thread for decorations of baby collars and ladies dresses.
Now the most popular is 20 gauge thread and making household items. Some say a very large thread/rope can be used to make nets for fishing. I have not seen it done myself but it sounds interesting.
I have a class forming for this week-end. I hope my students like it as much as I do.

More later Grand Maverick

Day Trip

Today was beautiful. The sun was shining with a few fluffy clouds. So the family and I went for a short trip northward in Wisconsin. We took two vehicles to Baraboo. So I was wondering on the way there.

Why name like that? Will there be any bears there. The answer turns out to be no.. No bears. Lovely town/city but no bears.

Perhaps, some of the people stroll around bare? Again, no. We did not see anyone without their clothes on. Since it was very warm (especially after that unseasonal cold spell), every one had nice summer type clothes on except me. I kept my short jacket on since we had the air conditioner on in the van. And as I expected the restraunt had theirs own as well.

It was very nice to see all my second sons family in one place at the same time. All ready some are moving away from home. There is so talk of two of the boys going to Germany. Even perhaps staying awhile for college.

MOre later. Grand Maverick aka GG Ma